Accommodation is by a Castle hire basis only for weddings, shoots and private events. The rooms below are not available for individual booking.

To give you a feel of the private bedrooms at Belvoir Castle and a little of their history, the Duchess of Rutland has outlined a brief description of every room in this section.

The Brown Bedroom
Double with adjoining single room and private bathroom en-suite

This bedroom contains a splendid bed and other furniture designed by William Kent. It was decorated by David Hicks in the 1960’s and is a great example of his dramatic style of decorating.

Duchess’ Bedroom
Double with private bathroom en-suite

This bedroom belonged to Frances, 10th Duchess of Rutland. The views from the window across the valley are spectacular and on a clear day you can see a tower on the horizon which is Croxton Kerrial, five miles away.

The Pink Bedroom
Double with private bathroom

This bedroom has a very feminine feel and was the first bedroom in which the present Duchess stayed as Miss Emma Watkins. It has a wonderful set of Leonard pastels on the wall.

The Duke’s Dressing Room
Double with private bathroom

This was the 10th Duke of Rutland’s bedroom and has its bathroom across the corridor.

The Blue Dressing Room
Single with private bathroom

This room has a cosy intimate feeling. By the door of the Blue Dressing Room is the stairs leading up to;

Staunton Tower 1st Floor – Thoroton and Castle Guard
Twin room and double room with private bathroom

For the fit and agile! The tower is named after the Staunton family who live in the Vale to this day and owe the family “Castle Guard Duty” which dates from the 12th century, when they had to supply troops on demand by the Manners family.

Staunton Tower 2nd Floor – Nurse Webb and Nanny Griffiths
Twin room and double room with private bathrooms

These rooms were only converted back to bedrooms in 2010 and have by far the best views from the Castle.

Back down the stairs to . . . .

The Tapestry Room
Double room with private bathroom

It is very obvious how this room gets its name and the beautiful tapestries that adorn the walls were made at the famous Mortlake factory established by Charles II. Those that have seen the The Young Victoria film (2009) may recognise the Tapestry Room as it was used in the film as Queen Victoria’s bedroom at Buckingham Palace.

Wellington Room
Double with private bathroom en-suite

An extremely grand double bedroom with bathroom, which as the name suggests, name after the Duke of Wellington, who was a regular visitor. It has magnificent Chinese wallpaper, for which Belvoir is famous. When the Brighton Pavilion was re-decorated, they actually came and copied our wallpapers.

The Chinese Bedroom
Double with private bathroom en-suite

This bedroom takes its name from the hand painted silk wall coverings woven in China in the 18th century, brought from the East by the 5th Duchess. The domed George I bed is lavishly upholstered in green damask and the wardrobe doors are particularly striking in a typical Chinese lacquer work design.

The Chinese Dressing Room
Double with private bathroom en-suite

This bedroom also has walls covered in Chinese hand painted silk from the 18th century and each side of the mantelpiece are two Louis XIV boule cabinets.

The King’s Rooms
Double with private bathroom en-suite

This suite of rooms comprises the sitting room, bedroom and dressing room. It is so called as these rooms were used by any visiting member of the Royal family, most notably George IV, Queen Victoria and Edward VII. In the corner a door leads to the bathroom, where the wall in the narrow passage was recessed in the early 1900’s, presumably to allow freer access for the portly and very broad Edward II!

The Brown Bedroom
The Duchess Room
The Tapestry Room
Wellington Room
The Wellington Room
Chinese Room at Belvoir Castle
The Chinese Room
The Chinese Dressing Room
The Kings Room
The King's Room