New Belvoir Ciders Celebrate Family Roots

Aug 13, 2019 | Belvoir Blog

New Range of Belvoir Ciders Celebrate Family Roots

A selection of four new small-batch artisan ciders, inspired by the Duchess of Rutland’s family connections with the Welsh Marches, is now on sale at The Fuel Tank in Belvoir Castle’s Engine Yard retail village.

International award-winning artisan cider producer Celtic Marches Beverages from Herefordshire was specially commissioned to develop Belvoir Castle’s new offer. The four ciders are each named after the Duchess and her three daughters.

Emma, Duchess of Rutland, explains: “I was brought up on the Herefordshire/Radnorshire border and my daughters recall fondly childhood visits to their grandparents in Mid Wales. So it was important to me to celebrate our heritage, as well as paying tribute to the exquisite cider apples produced in my family’s ancient orchards.

“As a young woman, I enjoyed my first taste of cider at the Three Counties Show in Malvern; a lasting memory which brings us to this exciting endeavour. This family, female-led, artisan cider producer is the perfect pairing to celebrate each of the ladies who currently reside at Belvoir Castle. Each cider has been carefully crafted to reflect our very individual personalities. I am delighted with the result.”

The Duchess of Rutland Herefordshire Cider is a traditional apple cider, staying true to its roots in the Welsh Marches. It is meticulously balanced, with a rich apple nose, full body and is sophisticatedly smooth. RRP £4.95 per 500ml bottle.

Lady Alice Manners Mango Cider is a blend of craft cider and exotic mango. Bursting with flavour, its lightly balanced sweetness gives it a tantalising finish. RRP £5.25 per 500ml bottle.

Lady Eliza Manners Strawberry & Lime Cider offers complexity. A delicate balance of fresh strawberry sweetness is complemented by the citrus zing of the lime. Both flavours work effortlessly to balance each other and are mellowed by the classic blend of cider apples. RRP £5.25 per 500ml bottle.

Lady Violet Manners Wild Berries Cider is full of the flavours of the quintessential British hedgerow. With a deep crimson hue, a delicate strawberry nose and wonderful afternotes of the blackberry finish. RRP £5.25 per 500ml bottle.

Collette Cumbes, Account Manager, Celtic Marches Beverages Ltd, says: “It’s not every day that you get invited to create a range of ciders for a Duchess and her daughters. Creating the personalised cider flavours has been a lot of fun, with a great deal of involvement from their namesakes. The artisan nature of our small batch production also resonates with the ethos of Belvoir Castle’s Engine Yard and its celebration of local producers and community.”

Celtic Marches Beverages Ltd is a self-sustaining cider farm with 200 acres of orchards producing vegan, gluten-free ciders, assigned Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) by the European Union to protect regional foods that have a specific quality, reputation or other characteristics attributable to that area.

The full range of Belvoir Ciders is now on sale in The Fuel Tank cafe and restaurant at Belvoir Castle’s Engine Yard retail village.

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