Falconry Display

The next time you visit the castle, book the Belvoir Birds of Prey for a display and experience you won’t forget

Belvoir Castle is home to 3 birds of prey – Scooby and Rodney are 7-year-old Harris Hawks, and Persil is our 11-year-old tame barn owl. They live in converted game larders situated in the Castle’s central courtyard.

The birds are looked after by an enthusiastic and dedicated team of handlers, led by Rhi Clark. Every day they are carefully weighed, checked, cleaned, fed and flown. They have an important day job – chasing pigeons off the Castle’s lead roof, but they also regularly attend local charity events.

In the summer months, all three birds are flown for school groups visiting Knipton Cricket Fields as part of the Duchess’s Cricket Trust.

Book a demonstration with the birds on your visit to the castle and learn more about them.

To find out more please contact us on 01476 870035

Being a bird handler (or ‘Hawker’) demands a high level of commitment, but we do welcome new recruits to join our team of volunteers. If you’re interested in volunteering, please contact Rhi Clark on 01476 870624.