Heat your home with locally sourced logs from the Belvoir Estate.

We are delighted to offer delivery of seasoned hardwood logs throughout the Vale of Belvoir.

You can choose from a half load or a full load. Orders will usually be with you in 1-2 weeks – and if you live within ten miles of Belvoir Castle, delivery is FREE!

  • Half Load (1m³) – £80.00
  • Full Load (2m³) – £150.00

If you’re a tenant of Belvoir Estates, you’ll benefit from a discount.

To place your order, call us on 01476 871007 or email: [email protected]

Managing our woods

With over 1,600 acres of woodland on the Belvoir Estate, forestry management is a major ongoing task!

After felling the trees, we sell the best quality timber in the round. Our team chop branch wood and early thinnings into logs or chip them for wood fuel. At any one time, we have around 2,000 tons of cut wood stored and drying out. As a result, you can be confident about sourcing your logs from us.

Much of this wood is used to heat properties on the Belvoir Estate, and to feed the Biomass Burner we installed in 2013 to provide the Castle with heat and hot water.

Our Biomass Burner

Of the 2000 tons of cut wood stored on the Estate, we use 420 tons of woodchip every year to power our biomass burner. Our goal is to reduce the Castle’s carbon footprint as well as make savings on fuel costs, which as you can imagine, are substantial.

What we love about the biomass burner is that the whole tree can be made use of – all the bent, knotty bits of wood which are no good for other purposes can be chipped. Grown sustainably on the Estate, our wood is a truly green and renewable source of energy.

Every year we supply 600 tons of our surplus seasoned hardwood logs across the Vale of Belvoir. Why not order yours today?

Call us on 01476 871001 or email: [email protected]