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May 29, 2019 | Belvoir Blog

We have had a busy month at Belvoir, with the Easter Sunday Sunrise Service, the Duke’s 60th Birthday, Lord Edward & Jason Holme visited Belvoir by plane! The Duke of Rutland has also been very busy, at the start of the month he planted a Parliament Oak donated by the Parish Council for planting on the Belvoir Estate for the public to see. One of only ten grown from an original acorn off the King John Oak, where the Magna Carta was signed!

After the devastating fire at Notre Dame, the Duke of Rutland suggested donating British oak to help rebuild the roofs, he says: “Anyone who lives in an old building knows there’s something special about the way it was built and the materials used.

The trees in the original roof at Notre Dame probably started growing over a thousand years ago. We’re able to donate replacements because my great-great-grandfather had the foresight to plant trees that would only be valuable long after he died. And in turn we’ll replant every tree we fell – someone will need them for something in another few hundred years. It’s a reminder of how important it is to both look after and renew our heritage resources. In our business you have to plan in centuries, not years.” We are very proud of our Duke!


Stuart J Foster

Private Chaplain, Rev.