Croxton Park Wellbeing Retreat

Wellbeing Retreat

3rd July – 7th July

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Join us for a truly one-of-a-kind exclusive retreat at Croxton Park

 Located on the breath-taking estate of Belvoir Castle. This historic and mystical site, where ancient Kings of England once found solace and the magna carta was secretly developed, will be the backdrop for our four-day journey of breath and energy work, meditation, movement and discovery.

It will be an immersive experience of healing in a warm sanctuary in nature where you’ll be guided to find your inner majesty again. Our expert facilitators, including renowned energy therapist Faye Reason and Breathwork guide Sapphire Leena will be joined by wellbeing facilitators, leading workshops designed to help you uncover and release any limiting beliefs or negative patterns that may be hindering your personal growth.

We will commune with nature, exploring the land, opening to the natural magic from following the ley lines, while also learning the art of grounding. Using ceremonial fire, we will release our past and any future bonds that hold us back. Together, we will gaze at the stars and enjoy tea or hot chocolate, engaging in deep and meaningful conversations about life, dreams and our shared human heritage.

Don’t miss this transformative experience in the heart of Leicestershire.




Wellness retreat

Our Promise

The purpose of this retreat is to rekindle the magic within your life and to recognise and embrace the fact that you, yourself, are magic. During this retreat, you will discover how to harness and comprehend this magic on a deeper level. You will also reawaken your ability to create and shape your own reality rising above any past impediments and forging a fresh path for your future.

About Croxton Park

Croxton Park, situated within the stunning Belvoir Estate, is a privately-owned expanse of land steeped in tradition. The park boasts a diverse range of features, including an organic farm, woodlands, and residential properties situated beside picturesque lakes. Our foremost goal is to ensure that we manage the land in a manner that respects the soil, animals, and the individuals who live and work within its borders.

This hallowed ground has never been utilized for modern-day retreats; rather, it has traditionally been a place of deep prayer that imbues the earth and the atmosphere with a foundation of joy and silence. Croxton Park is exceptionally fertile ground for creative ventures, significant transformations, and even epic undertakings. As the birthplace of the Magna Carta, a charter of freedoms, this location holds immense significance in the annals of human history. We aim to create our own charter of freedom by embracing the experience of aligning with our souls. Let us revel in the creation of our own Magna Cartas!

Example Itinerary

Morning: Tea and fruit/nuts on waking.

Morning movement with meditation, breath/stretch – body awareness practice with Sapphire


Curated Pilgrimage walk to the Castle followed by afternoon tea inside the castle during an Energy Magic workshop with Faye 

Relaxation time

Dinner (Set Meals)

Gathering and sharing circle with star gazing around the fire pit

Free time before bed – reading, meditation practice.

Sapphire Leena

Blessed to have been born in Ibiza with Ibicenco-Canadian parents. Sapphire was totally influenced by the sun, sand and sea of the island. Yoga became her medicine and her refuge. Sapphire practiced for many years around the world, ultimately completing her teacher training in India. It was in Bali where she went to practice even more yoga, that she stumbled unknowingly upon Breathwork. During that first class, Sapphire went through an amazing experience and knew she had to spread the word and share the magic of this practice.

She is now dedicated to holding space for others to heal and for transformations to occur within them both through yoga and Breathwork. She now teaches around the world wherever this work calls her to go. Her base is in Ibiza and she offers sessions both from private homes and in her own studio on the North of the island.

Faye Reason

Faye is a highly experienced energy worker, seer and healing practitioner. Learning from shaman around the world practicing for over 20 years, Faye can locate places in the body that require healing – finding the roots to the dis-ease experienced – and assist in opening the body to restorative energy. Her ability to intuit the emotional imbalances  and be able to solve the mental riddles that can plague the mind, is remarkable. She has a natural gift to brinf about shifts in the body that allow repair and rejuventation.

Healing sessions can often lead to a profound inner clarity and/or self-realizations. Everyone is different regarding the details of the experience, from visual lights to physical tingling, but all enjoy a very safe, deep relaxation and a feeeling somewhat described as an ‘inner home coming’ . it is a suitable for  all people from babies to the elderly, for pregnancy, and even the most cynical of minds.

Faye’s work reconnects the indivicual to their own inner guidance and reinforces the connection to their heart, to Universal Life Force energy, and to the natural earth energies. The sessions are always focused around gentle empowerment and deep relaxation. She has been described as a healer of souls, with magical or otherworldly skills and a true empathy that allows people to feel seen, heard and totally at ease.


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