The Witch Hunt

Pre-booked tickets only

15+ Event

Belvoir Castle’s Past Unearthed: The Curse of the Belvoir Witches

The Witches of Belvoir, a mother and her daughters, accused of using witchcraft to murder the young heirs to Belvoir Castle and curse the Duke’s bloodline. The witches were sentenced to be hanged, but escaped and have been in hiding in the wilderness ever since. Set on revenge they have enhanced their evil powers barely recognisable from the women they once were. They have returned to Belvoir wreaking havoc on the castle and surrounding woodland. In their quest for power they have pulled forth malevolent spirits corrupting our once friendly woodsman and drawing the ghosts of the castle’s past out of their slumber. Do you have what it takes to help our witch finder and their team by venturing deep into the woods at night and face your darkest fears in The Witch Hunt?

This is not your ordinary trail; this is an immersive psychological thriller that will test your boundaries.


This event will be held throughout the estate. Park in the main castle car park and walk through the ticket office gates and the experience will begin at Horseshow Bend.

The walk is through dark and cold woodland. We suggest wearing warm clothing and sturdy shoes or wellies

Food and Drinks are available at both the start and end of the experience.

Parking is free.

This is a 15+ event.

Due to the nature of this event, dogs are strictly not permitted.

– People with heart conditions, those of a nervous disposition, and pregnant persons are not advised to attend.

– All tickets must be pre-booked in advance.