Heroes of Belvoir Belynda Faulkner, B Jewellery

Jan 20, 2020 | Belvoir Blog

Heroes of Belvoir Belynda Faulkner – Owner of B Jewellery

Belynda has been creating beautiful bespoke jewellery for her brand B Jewellery for five years. Six months ago, she expanded the business and opened a second outlet at the Engine Yard.

For the love of jewellery

Belynda spends her days working closely with customers to choose precious stones and diamonds, working at her in-house workshop to design and make newly commissioned pieces, set stones and prepare pieces to be presented to the customer. 

“Each piece of jewellery has a story and because the designs are always unique each commission is a new challenge. Every day we meet new customers during the milestones of their life. I feel a sense of honour with every piece of jewellery I make as it’s the story behind it. Jewellery is so personal and this why I love my job.”

Even when Belynda isn’t at her shop in the Engine Yard, she is looking around for inspiration, whether it be on holiday or out and about with her family. 

Love is in the air

With Valentine’s Day and Mothering Sunday approaching, take a trip to B Jewellery at the Engine Yard for some lovely, bespoke gifts for both men and women. 

The romantic jewellery collection is a modern take on classic heart designs. B Jewellery also has a beautiful personalised collection starting from as little as £25.