Heroes of Belvoir

Mar 27, 2019 | Belvoir Blog

You may not be surprised to hear that there are many people that keep Belvoir Castle going! A sixteen thousand acre estate has a lot of heroes and we want to recognise them all. Each week we will be bringing you a Hero of Belvoir, whether it’s April our Housekeeper that keeps the dust of the fifth Duke’s portrait or Rhi our Ornithologist who keeps Scooby, Percil & Rodney in line.

We want to give you a little glimpse at Belvoir Castle and the day to day life that helps run the place. In total we have 86 employee from agricultural, office and house staff! The amount of staff has changed alot since the 19th Century, the Castle once employed 40 gardeners: today there are just three. In 1825, the highest paid job at the Castle was the Cook, his salary was £140 a year, which is about £60,000 by today’s standard! Second to this was the Governess, Miss Gooding.

The history of Belvoir is fascinating, so we want to bring you not only 1825’s history but today’s  history to you too! To find out more about our Heroes of Belvoir make sure you are following us on Instagram.