At any one time, the Belvoir Estate has 2000 tonnes of cut wood stored and drying out for firewood and woodfuel. Of this, over 600 tonnes are sold each year for high quality firewood delivered throughout the local area.

After tree felling, the best quality timber is sold in the round and the rest is stored for drying. After about 12 months, branchwood from the tops of trees and early thinnings are turned into logs and the rest is chipped for woodfuel.

Seasoned Hardwood Firewood for Sale

Delivered throughout the Vale of Belvoir.

Phone: 01476 871001


Half a load of logs is 1m3 A full load of logs is 2m3.

Delivery is usually 1-2 weeks and is free within ten miles of the Castle.
The biomass burner

Of the 2000 tonnes of cut wood stored on the Estate, 420 tonnes of woodchip is produced each year. From now on this will be used in a new biomass burner that has recently been installed and commissioned to meet the Castle’s central heating requirements. The aim is to reduce the Castle’s carbon footprint while at the same time making a significant saving each year on fuel costs.

Another advantage of the biomass burner is that the whole tree can be made use of – all the bent, knotty bits of wood which are no good for other purposes can be chipped.

Grown sustainably on the Estate, wood is a truly green and renewable source of energy.