“RESOLUTION” by David Rutland & Emma Ellis


SIGNED  by His Grace The Duke of Rutland

A New Book “Resolution” is the history of Two Brothers, a Nation in Crisis, a World at War by David Rutland and Emma Ellis

John Manners, Marquis of Granby, famously led a cavalry charge in 1760 during the Seven Years War lose both hat and wig. A commander of skill and courage, he was cherished by his men and lauded by the British public as an authentic military hero.
Granby predeceased his father, the 3rd Duke of Rutland, and so never inherited the title, by left two sons whose contrasting fortunes and tragically short lives are subject of this sedulously researched and richly illustrated book. Charles became 4th Duke in 1779, sought
reconciliation with the American colonies and was Viceroy of Ireland; Robert embarked on a naval career, became captain of the Resolution and died of his injuries sustained at the Battle of Saintes in 1782.
The book is based upon detailed archives held at Belvoir Castle.
RESOLUTION is both an enthralling saga of two generations of the Manners family and finely delineated portrait of aristocratic , political and naval life in mid – Georgian England

500 pages, 24 in full colour, maps and family tree,
book size 24cmx16cm

” Remarkably well-written…Resoluton is a delightful book, and an important contribution to Britsh navel history” Professor William Fowler

“A fascinating tale.Tells a complicated story of politics and warfare, and their intersection at a critical moment of British history.”
Professor Robert Allison

” An immaculately researched and written book”
Dr Robert Knight

“An enjoyable and highly readable account of the lives of two aristoratic brothers. Thank to the richness of the archives at Belvoir Castle, the book succeeds in offering an unusally intimate and highly informative portrait of their repective experiences while relating a tale of great pathos”
Dr. Andrew Jackson O’Shaughnessy

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