Steampunk Fairytale Weekend

Saturday 13th to Sunday 14th May 2023

The Ministry of Steampunk and friends return

The Ministry of Steampunk and friends will be returning to the Castle on the 13th & 14th May 2023 to bring their Steampunk Fairytale makeover!

Belvoir Castle has been the inspiration behind fairy tales for over one thousand years, whether inspired by Lewis Carroll, the Brothers Grimm or more modern storytellers. You will find the castle’s amazing interiors and jaw dropping exterior and views the perfect backdrop to transport you into a Steampunk Fairytale.

We would love to welcome you and your family to join us at this incredible event hosted by The Ministry of Steampunk. Dress up and immerse yourself into the experience or simply come along to feast your eyes upon incredible outfits, characters and activities inspired by the Victorian-era.

 ​There will be a host of activities including live music, steampunk traders, tea duelling, teapot racing and so much more. So why not come along and see what Steampunk is all about? There will be lots of people in costumes, so feel free to dress up as much as you like!

 As you wander through the woodlands approaching the Castle, be sure to keep your wits about you, take notice of any signs about wolves and houses made of chocolate…

 The other side from the woods you will find the Steampunk Fairytale market, so be sure to check out the fabulous and eclectic wares on offer. Just down from the market lies the beautiful Rose Garden. But who is inside the grotto today? Be sure to keep your eyes open for fairies.

 Enjoy performances by The Cogkneys, The Brass Brothers, and the Steampunk Choir of Notorious Excellence (S.C.O.N.E.)

 If you see an ‘old lady’ offering you rosy red apples from a basket, you might just want to think twice. And watch out for the Wood Woozle!

 By the time you reach the castle you will likely have encountered a number of Fairytale characters with a Steampunk twist.

But who will they be? That would be telling!