Our fairytale Castle is superbly situated in more than 1,600 acres of native woodlands, secluded valleys and formal gardens.  Most brides choose our beautiful Rose Garden as the perfect backdrop for drinks and photographs once the ceremony is over.

Like all aspects of the Castle, it comes with history. This wonderful garden was first created by William Ingram, Head Gardener at Belvoir in the 1860s and redesigned by the famous Edwardian designer Harold Peto in 1906. With Caius Gabriel Cibber’s statue of Winter presiding over the garden at its east end, you’ll be celebrating your own little piece of history in a truly stunning setting.

Why roses are associated with love and romance

The rose has always been known as an enduring symbol of love and romance. Since Roman times, red roses have taken their place in history, revered in poetry, literature and art. These fragrant blooms come in varying shades of red, with different associations.

Did you know that a bright red rose signifies true romance, pink roses are for happiness, yellow represent warmth and friendship while burgundy means a love that has yet to be realized? White roses depict innocence and purity, and are a favourite with many brides.

We think they’re one of the most quintessentially English and most beautiful of flowers, totally in keeping with special occasions such as weddings.

Come and see the beauty of the Rose Garden for yourself. Our gardeners are dedicated to maintaining and preserving this feature so that all our brides and grooms can enjoy the perfect romantic backdrop.

To arrange a visit, feel free to contact our Wedding team [email protected] or call 01476 871 001.