Belvoir Castle’s ‘Bauble Master’ Shares Festive Decorating Secrets

Belvoir Castle’s Cinderella Christmas is in full swing with thousands of visitors marvelling at the extravagant decorations throughout the Regency castle, in place till 1st January 2023.

Created by award-winning theatre design company CLW Event Design led by Charlotte Lloyd Webber, they have transformed the Leicestershire castle as well as Castle Howard in Yorkshire. The festive team can be seen in action on Channel 4’s TV show Castle Howard: Through the Seasons airing on Saturday 3 December, also available on demand.

It was the perfect time to catch up with CLW Event designer Adrian Lillie aka ‘The Bauble Master’ to get some insider secrets on festive decorating for those keen to recreate the look at home as well as where to find inspiration in the Cinderella Christmas at Belvoir.

Load it. Don’t be afraid to add more. Use decoration hooks to get baubles deep into the branches to create initial “filler” depth, and then layer, layer, layer.

Photographed by Jon at Instinctive Photography

Cluster similar, or better still same, baubles close together on your tree to create a focal point of view on special items. Working in clusters of 3 or 5 in a regimented way can have an amazing effect.

Photographed by Redbrick Communications

Think about using some large-scale pieces to create drama…and they don’t have to be “decorations”. Woodland animal toys, fans, large nutcracker props, can be playful. Just push them deep into the branches…or wire them in if needs be.

Photographed by Redbrick Communications

Use faux floristry pushed into the branches to create an extra layer after decorations have gone onto the tree. This can create a luxurious, full feel to the overall effect of the tree decoration.

Photographed by Jon at Instinctive Photography

Use wide ribbon or even fabric “swirled”, spiralled or cascaded down your tree before you add baubles. This can create depth and works especially well if you have a specific colour theme to match to. Embroidered or wired ribbons are great as they can be manipulated to “undulate” through the branches.

Photographed by Jon at Instinctive Photography

Belvoir Castle has also introduced a midweek Monday – Thursday 25% discount for walk-ins for Castle and Garden which includes admission to Cinderella and the new woodland playground, applicable up until Thursday 8th December. The offer will also be available for all emergency services from Monday 5th – Thursday 8th December along with a free mince pie from the Aviary tearoom.

The Engine Yard artisan shopping village has also been transformed into a winter utopia with a scandi Santa’s Grotto, a pop-up Christmas emporium along with an array of independent outlets and the chance to pick up a Christmas tree. Adding to the seasonal atmosphere are local school choirs, singers and brass bands performing each weekend at the Engine Yard bandstand.