Spectacle of Light event

Parking at the Spectacle of Light is free from 16:30 in the main Castle Car Park. Please note that there is no blue-badge parking at the top of the hill. If you are unable to manage the ascent from the main castle car park to the gardens, we regret that this event may not be suitable for you. Please see our accessibility page for more details.


Is there a charge for car parking?

Yes, charges for parking have been put in place at the main Castle Car Park. When you arrive at Belvoir, please read the signage properly and adjust the machines using the + and – buttons to enter the amount of hours you require during your stay. You can pay at any point throughout your stay, however unless paying for all day parking, we advise you pay on exit so you know how many hours are owed.

PLEASE NOTE: the machines do not calculate how much is owed, it is down to the individual to note what time you enter the car park and therefore how much to pay.

Main Castle Car Park (Long Stay)

The charges are as follows:

£1.20 per hour

All day £6

Opening times: 9am-5.30pm 

Your first hour (£1.20) is redeemable against a purchase from the Fuel Tank, Balloon Bar or Vale View


The Engine Yard Car Park (Short Stay)


Please be aware that this car park is 4 hours maximum stay, monitored by ANPR.

(Long stay car parking available in the Main Castle Car Park)

Parking tariff applies 8.00am – 5.00pm Monday – Sunday at The Engine Yard

Appeal a parking fine: HERE

Please note that Parking Charge Notice enquiries cannot be dealt with by Belvoir Castle staff or staff within any retail unit on the Estate. Should you wish to appeal a Parking Charge Notice please go online at Alternatively, you can send a written appeal to Initial Parking Ltd Suite 83, 51 Pinfold Street, Birmingham, B2 4AY. Please revert all other general parking enquiries to Initial Parking Ltd on [email protected] £2 is redeemable against a purchase at the Fuel Tank, Balloon Bar or Vale View

Where do I park if I have mobility issues/ a wheelchair?

We allow those with mobility issues a permit to drive to the top of the hill. Simply advise the staff at the Ticket Office in the Main Castle Car Park when you arrive and they will direct you. Please see our accessibility page for more info.

Do I need a blue badge to get access to the top of the hill?

No, we’re happy to give a hill-top permit to anyone who would experience difficulty walking to the top. Please see our accessibility page.

Reasons for introducing car parking charges

In 2020 it was brought to our attention that our parking situation really needed improving for the safety of our community, visitors and staff. Therefore, part of the recently implemented charges will go straight towards the upkeep of our site; fixing potholes, maintaining signage & fencing, landscaping, daily litter collection, keeping the nearby roads safe and maintaining public facilities at both our ticket office and Engine Yard retail village. We plan to extend our parking areas and implement parking bay mapping throughout, which the charges will also go towards. Additionally, we are working with Highways to develop better access and roads.

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